Weekly Children's Schedule




8~9:15 am: Traditional Worship Service (a.k.a. Early Service or First Service) (in the metal building)

9:30-10:30 am: *Sunday School classes (in the brick building)

            Classes Available

            Pre-K (ages 3-5)

            Kindergarten-2nd grade

            3rd-5th grade

            Youth (6th-12th grade)

            Adults 1

                Adults 2

            Ladies (ladies group)

10:45-12 noon: *Contemporary Worship Service (a.k.a. Late Service or Second Service) (metal building)

10:45-12 noon: *Children’s Church (ages 3-4th grade) (brick building)

*Nursery is provided for ages 0-2 from 9:30-12 noon (metal building)

*Children in 5th grade and up are expected to sit with their parents and listen to the sermon.




6:20 pm: Bring your child(ren) into the building to be checked in (brick building)

6:30-7:30 pm: *Youth and TeamKID (Children’s classes) (in the brick building)

                Classes Available

            Pre-K (ages 3-5)

            Kindergarten-2nd grade

            3rd-5th grade

            Youth (6th-12th grade)

6:30-7:30 pm: *Adult Bible Study (in the metal building)

*Nursery is provided for ages 0-2 (in the metal building)




Here you will find all the information about Mt. Carmel’s Children’s Program.



After first or early service, on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 am, in addition to the Sunday school classes for adults, we also have multiple classes for children. We have nursery for ages 0-2; Pre-K for ages 3-5; Kindergarten-2nd grade; and 3rd-5th grade. There is a youth class for grades 6-12 as well. The Sunday school classes are small which allows for open free discussion in order to dive deeper into God’s word on a level that is more suitable for children. Here the children have a *snack, a lesson with an activity, and, at times, there may be a game or memory contest.

*A snack of coffee, hot teas, cocoa, donuts, and fruit are available for children and adults and can be found downstairs of the brick building in the kitchen during Sunday school. 

Right after Sunday school, Children’s Church begins. It runs from 10:45-12 noon. Children’s Church is for ages 3-4th grade.  Children in 5th grade are expected to sit with their parents during second service. Nursery is provided for ages 0-2 during this time as well. Children’s Church is a place of music, puppet show, a lesson, and possibly a craft or a coloring sheet. Here the children learn more about God and the Bible while the adults are listening to the pastor during second service.



UPDATED: (Please note, our Wednesday night events have changed due to Covid-19 and recent church closure. The following reflects those changes.)

Our Wednesday night TeamKID children’s program is designed for ages 3 up to 5th grade and begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 7:30 pm. Children spend the hour rotating between different activities, think of it as a weekly mini VBS. They will spend 20 minutes in each of the following rotations: crafts, the Bible lesson, and games or activities.  

Nursery care is provided for ages 0-2 on Wednesday nights.

Please note: During this time, there is an adult Bible study and a youth class as well. The youth class is for grades 6-12.




            We ask that if your child has been sick, please keep them home, and let them fully recover before bringing them back. Please read our sick policy as well. Thank you and we appreciate you doing your part to help ensure the other children stay healthy.

    You may read about the Children’s Ministry Director and contact her here: https://www.mtcarmellakeozark.org/shana_cora 

  May 2021  
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