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Marlan Albertson

Worship Director

Marlan Albertson

I was raised in a Christian home and went to church every time the doors were open. From my earliest memories, worship music was very important to my family. My Grandpa's dream for his family was that we grew up playing and singing in church. His wish came true for me when I was 14 after the organist we had unexpectedly resigned. I started playing the organ right away and have been on the stage in some capacity most every Sunday since. I've been involved in numerous genres of music and have filled many different roles from piano player to choir director to worship leader and everything in between. From the earliest days of playing and singing blue-grass hymns to now playing the latest in modern worship music, I have always believed that God's desire for our worship is much deeper than we understand. The Bible says that God is looking for true worshippers who will worship him in spirit and in truth. My challenge to Mt. Carmel since I have been worship leader is for each of us to figure out what that means individually and then offer that worship back to God sacrificially. Then the songs are no longer words on a page or a screen, but rather deep expressions of our heartfelt gratitude to a loving God that gave his only Son to make a way for us to be forgiven from our sins.

Teresa, my wife of 43 years, was also raised in a family whose faith meant absolutely everything to them. Although our church traditions were different, we found common ground in the gospel message and our shared devotion to faith, family, and living a life pleasing to God. Our shared faith has carried us through many challenges so far and will continue to carry us through the rest of our life together. We have two adult children, Ashley 32, and Caleb 30, and they both share our passion for worship and are involved in leading worship.

At Mt. Carmel, we have two Sunday Morning service times that offer different worship music styles. My desire is to create a worship experience that everyone can participate in and be comfortable with.